Cast list

We have cast 17 actors for the production. If COVID numbers get worse again and the county brings restrictions back, we will go to a double cast of 10, using 3 actors in all the shows and splitting the other 14 into a double cast. Your script can be found on the Band App.

First rehearsal is Monday, April 5th from 6:30-8:30 in the studio. Please bring your script (can be found on BAND) and a pencil.

A note from the director

A GIANT “Thank You” to all who auditioned! I am so excited to work with you on this very silly show!

In the interim, I wish you all a very happy Spring Break! Congratulations!


There are ensemble numbers which will include everyone, in addition to the following spoken roles which have been cast as follows

(alphabetical by first name):

Adeline Andersen:

Chicken Licken, Stinky Cheese Man, Duckling

Alice Adkins:
Princess 1, Little Old Sister, Cygnette

Declan Van Wyk:
King, Frog, Stepsister 1

Elyse Larson:
Goosey Loosey, Cow, Cygnette

Emerson Poole:
Little Red Hen, Owl, Cygnette

Emilia Piccolo:
Cocky Lockey, Legal Team 2, Duckling

Emmett Morrison:
Cow Patty Kid, Foxy Loxy 1

Gracie Fay Peterson:
Princess 2, Little Old Woman, Cygnette

Harley Cox:
Goldilocks, Rabbit, Duckling

Ida Brown:
Little Red Running Shorts, Stepmother, Cygnette

Jack Peterson:
Prince 1, Stepsister 2

Leah Leonard:
Cinderella, Legal Team 1, Duckling

Lotus Porte-Moyel:
Jill (role of Jack to be divided), Queen, Foxy Loxy 2

Robert Stimpson:
Jack (role will be divided between Jack & Jill), Tortoise

Sadie Riggs:
Ducky Lucky, Wolf, Duckling

Will Krings:
Surgeon General, Ugly Duckling, GIANT

Wynona Schmidt:
Rumplestiltskin, Cow, Cygnette


Production staff

Director: Martha Sprague
Stage Management team: Riley Ford and Ella Shropshire
Scenic Designer-Paige O’Neill
Lighting Designer- Michael David Gray
Costume Designer- Katie Sorensen
Sound Mixer- Greg Janysek
Assistant Costume Designer- Layna Newhouse