A note from The Director of Education


TO: Students and Parents of Grandstreet Theatre School

Session 4  starts the week of  April 6th.  Session 4 will be online. We feel it is important welcome new students into our classes, for the year long classes to continue the projects that we have been working on and to gather together virtually as a group of artists.


There are many uncertainties in timelines these days and ours is no exception.  However, here is our best plan so far.



All classes will be held online.  The live online class will be from 3:30 – 4:30.  The rest will be video links with lessons, choreography videos and a place to upload your own videos on BAND.  Please make sure you are a member of the Regular Theatre School BAND app and that you have the ZOOM app either on your phone, tablet or computer. It is important that everyone join the ZOOM meeting at 3:30 so we can work together on projects and keep in touch with each other via a live format. If for some reason you can’t join us during that time, parts of the class may be recorded and you can watch it later.


Scholarship auditions

These are now going to be online submissions.  Here is how that will work:

Make sure you label the files with your name.


You do not need to have Dropbox to do this.


Anytime before May 2nd – film your audition using a phone (shoot it horizontally), tablet, computer, camera, etc. and add it to the folder Make sure there is a blank background behind you and the lighting is good.  Hang a sheet behind you if you don’t have a blank wall.  The entire audition must be in one take:  Intro, songs or monologues.  However you can re-do it as many times as you want to get it the way you like it.  For accompaniment you may find tracks online using youtube, use the piano trax app, or email Fred Cobb [email protected] a copy of your music (clearly marked where you start and stop) and he will record it and send it back to you.


This link might be helpful in recording your auditions

But remember, it doesn’t have to be super fancy, you will be adjudicated on your talent NOT your filmmaker skills.  Scholarship money is more important then ever right now and we’re hoping this will increase the participation because you can do it anytime between now and May 2nd.


Upload your audition to the “request files folder”


The adjudicators:

Leigh Selting- head of Theatre and Dance at the University of Wyoming

Marsha Knight – head of Dance at the University of Wyoming

Jennifer Cetrone – professional actor and producer recently relocated to Helena from Los Angeles.

They will watch all the videos and make their selections based on the criteria of the submissions and not the quality of the recording, so go for it!


Seniors – we will have the interviews on May 9th at 9:30a.m at Grandstreet.  We will have the adjudicators in the room via ZOOM to ask you the questions.  You will have assigned times, every 10 minutes for a 7-minute interview.  You do not have to present beyond your 10-minute interview. If you can’t make that time we will arrange for you to record it.


48 Hours to Curtain (Seussical KIDS)

We will continue to have rehearsal via ZOOM all together.  Production teams will be able to meet in groups via ZOOM and discuss.  Costumes and props will probably be pieces we can find in our homes but you can discuss this on Wednesday the 25th in our ZOOM rooms.


New production dates:  June  2nd & 3rd– both matinees at 4:30 p.m. – these could possibly be a ticketed live stream event with no audience.


Words by Kids

My plan is to live stream our performance to the schools at one time (assuming they are back in session) and perhaps they can watch it in their classroom.  I don’t think this can happen on May 8th but possibly on May 14thduring our regular class time.  We will live stream it from the theatre with no audience.  We could even live stream it on Facebook if we wanted, for the world to see our wonderful production.


Jr/Sr Showcase

This one is still uncertain but we will continue to work on the pieces in ZOOM.



Possible reschedule and perhaps at the Fairgrounds? Still holding on to the 20th of May for now but it looks doubtful.