Summer Stock & Conservatory

Summer Stock

We are seeking a company of actor/teachers for our two summer shows and summer camps.


January 25th – Grandstreet Theatre 1:00 p.m. -5:00 p.m.

February 21, 22, 23 – Midwest Theatre Auditions – Webster University, St. Louis, MO


submit an online audition by February 15th.  Include a link to your audition in an email to:
[email protected]

Please submit the following audition:

audition form

Show #1 -Freaky Friday

(rehearsals begin June 20, performances July 9-July 25, 2020)

Production Description

Casting Freaky Friday, a new musical comedy based on the celebrated novel by Mary Rodgers and hit Disney films. When an uber-organized mother and her spontaneous teenage daughter magically swap bodies, they have just one day to put things right. Masquerading as each other, they must work together to solve the mystery of how to break the spell. By spending a day in each other’s shoes, Katherine and Ellie come to appreciate one another’s struggles, learn self-acceptance, and realize the immeasurable love and mutual respect that bond a mother and daughter in this heartfelt and hilarious adaptation. Based on the beloved 1972 novel by Mary Rodgers and the hit Disney films, Freaky Friday features a book by Bridget Carpenter – the co-executive producer and writer on the beloved TV hits, Friday Night Lights and Parenthood – and music and lyrics by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey – the Pulitzer Prize-winning composers of Next to Normal.

Audition requirements

“Please prepare a pop/rock song and a contemporary musical theatre song. They should each be around 32 bars in length and should show singing range. Please also prepare a contemporary monologue less than one and a half minutes in length.”

Katherine  Blake (35+)
A single mother who runs her own catering business; over-protective and type A, Katherine believes she can have it all by doing it all: event planning, designing, and catering her own perfect wedding; must also portray Ellie in Katherine’s body; strong belter.
Ellie Blake (14-21 to play 16)
The hero of the story, and a rumpled, disorganized “every girl.” Ellie is smart, funny, and passionate about her school’s underground scavenger hunt, but sees herself as a “Whats-her-name,” easily forgotten — unlike her “perfect” mom. Must also portray Katherine in Ellie’s body; strong belter; principal role.

Fletcher Blake (8-12, male)
Katherine’s eccentric son and Ellie’s younger brother. He is a budding puppeteer who habitually annoys his sister (but secretly looks up to her.); strong singer; principal role.

Mike (30+)
Katherine’s fiancé and a contractor by trade. A warm, reliable, easy going guy, he adores Katherine and her kids; bari-tenor; principal.
Adam (15 21 to play 16, male)
Love interest for Ellie. Slouchy and scruffy, he is a paragon of adorable cool. Acts as the “List Master” of the school’s annual underground scavenger hunt; tenor; principal.
Torrey (21-35, female)
Katherine’s assistant, a high-strung perfectionist; comfortable singing the contemporary/pop musical theatre style; supporting.
Savannah (14-19, female)
teen, the villain, brilliant, aggressive, a winner. Dancing a plus; comfortable singing the contemporary/pop musical theatre style; supporting.
Hannah (14-19, female)
teen, Ellie’s best friend, intense, emotional, lacks confidence; comfortable singing the contemporary/pop musical theatre style, supporting.
Gretchen (14-19, female)
teen, Ellie’s best friend, hacker-geek, self-described nerd; comfortable singing the contemporary/pop musical theatre style; supporting.
Wells (14-19, male)
teen, Ellie’s friend; dorky but not meek, best friends with Parker. Dancer; comfortable singing the contemporary/pop musical theatre style; featured.
Parker (14-19, male)
teen, Ellie’s friend, completely average, best friends with Wells; comfortable singing the contemporary/pop musical theatre style; featured.
Featured adults (21+)
four-six strong singers to cover 13 diverse featured roles including #1 Pastor Bruno/Dr. Ehrin/Officer Kowalski;#2 Ms. Meyers/Journalist/Officer Sitz; #3 Grandma Helene/Mrs. Luckenbill/Mrs. Time; and #4 Grandpa George/Mr. Blumen/Señor O’Brien.
Teen ensemble (all genders 13-19)
singers/dancers/movers to play select catering staff, Savannah’s minions, high school students, vendors, wedding guests.

Show #2 -Million Dollar Quartet

(rehearsals begin July 11, performances August 1-August 16th)

Seeking non-equity actors for all roles in Million Dollar Quartet. Synopsis: Inspired by a true event, “Million Dollar Quartet” relives the night an extraordinary twist of fate brought Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley together at Sun Records in Memphis for what would be one of the greatest jam sessions ever. Note: That some roles require actors to play instruments.

Audition requirements

Please submit 16-32 measures of a rock n roll song from the 50’s or 60’s. Please include yourself playing the instrument required (if one is required). Include a headshot and resume in your audition submission.

Jerry Lee Lewis (20-29) must play piano 

Rock ‘n’ Roll’s legendary piano prodigy and celebrated Last Standing Man (must play piano); mid 20s; vocal range: D4 – C6.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Sam Phillips (18 + to play 33)
The Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll and founder of Sun Records; discovered Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and many others, including Roy Orbison, and B.B. King; a towering and charismatic figure in American music; does not need to sing or play an instrument; audition with a 1-minute monologue.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Carl Perkins (17 + to play 24) must play lead guitar

Lead guitar player, the first poet of Rock ‘n’ Roll (must play guitar); vocal range: D3 – C6.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Johnny Cash (17 + to play 24) must play guitar
Guitar player, a giant of American music at that dawn of his epic career; vocal range: D3 – G#5.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Dyanne (17 -29) 
an aspiring singer, Elvis’s girlfriend; does not need to play an instrument; mid 20s; vocal range: A3 – D5.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Elvis Presley (17 + to play 21) must play guitar
The first and still undisputed King of Rock‘n’ Roll; vocal range: A3 – C6.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Brother Jay (17 +) must play bass guitar
bass player (musician with lines), brother of Carl Perkins, looking for bass player with tricks. Does not sing.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Fluke (17+) Drummer
drummer (musicians with lines). Does not sing.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities


The Grandstreet Theatre Summer Conservatory is an intense four to seven week, auditioned-based program for young actors 13-18 years old. Selected students will be involved in one or two of our summer shows.

Students selected for this program will take classes in acting and musical theatre along with rehearsals and performances.

audition form


January 25th – Grandstreet Theatre 1:00 p.m. -5:00 p.m.


submit an online audition by February 15th.  Include a link to your audition in an email to:
[email protected]

Dates For This Year’s Conservatory & Summer Stock

Tuition (Conservatory students only)

Non-residents will be placed in home stay situations.

They will be responsible for any meals that they eat outside of the home.

They must provide their own transportation

Performers that have participated in Grandstreet’s Summer Conservatory have gone on to attend: