Junior Theatre Festival 2022

We are making plans to attend the Junior Theatre West Festival in Sacramento, CA-February 17-21, 2022! And we want you to join us! Please be advised that all participants will be required to be vaccinated for COVID-19 if they are eligible at the time of travel.

Want to chaperone?

You can sign up online .

The Junior Theater Festival is a festival produced by iTheatrics for children ages 8-18 held every year in Sacramento and Atlanta, GA. It is designed for serious minded performers who are committed to working hard and delivering an amazing performance. Organizations from all over the world attend each year and present a 15 minute condensed version of a Broadway Jr. show under the license of Music Theatre International or Disney Musicals. The weekend festival includes the show presentation, workshops, guest speakers, awards, a dance party, and a ticket to a Broadway-style performance. All of this is available for the organization presenting their show, the directors, and the parent chaperones.

We will be putting a class together for this project. Students who want to be involved in the class must sign up and pay the $100.00 non-refundable deposit by September 15th. All students in the class will be cast in a show from the Music Theatre International Junior collection and that cast will be considered the “JTF22 class”. After we know how many kids will be participating, we will pick the show and cast it using all of the young actors in the “ JTF22 class”. This is a great opportunity for our kids to do a production, meet other kids from around the United States and beyond who love musical theatre, see working professionals and take workshops.

The JTF22 class will have a rehearsal schedule based on their conflicts. The cast will also have fundraisers and do a send off performance for Helena audiences. Most rehearsals will not begin until after January 1, 2022.


How many will be in the cast?

16-40 participants will be cast. We must have 1 chaperone for every 4 kids so how many we can cast will depend on how many chaperones we get.

What will we do at the Junior Theatre Festival (JTF)?

Groups perform a 15 minute selection from one Broadway JR or KIDS collection show for adjudication, participate in workshops, participate in other fun events such as “tech Olympics”, watch outstanding performances by their peers.

How old do you have to be?

8-18 years old.

Does this take the place of my regular theatre school class?


Is there a discount if I’m also enrolled in a regular theatre school class?

Will there be chaperones?

Yes, we will need one chaperone for every four students attending the festival.

Do the chaperones travel for free?


Does it cost money?

Yes. See the expense details at the end of this document.

Will there be fundraising involved?

Yes, unless you want to pay for the entire trip yourself and forget the fundraising.

Will there be scholarships available?


Can I use Frequent Flyer miles for airfare?

Yes. You can make your own airfare or transportation plans as long as you have a parent with you. You will then be responsible for your own transfers to and from the airport/hotel.

When will you be casting?

late fall of 2021

Can I make payments?

Yes! All students will be asked to put down a $100.00 non-refundable deposit by September 15 to be considered. After that you will make  payments per month through January of 2022 if you would like to make payments. After November 1st you must have at least $600.00 deposited on your account which at that time cannot be refunded if you withdraw.


Student Expenses

Fee for those enrolled in a regular theatre school class:


For those not enrolled in a regular theatre school class:


which includes the following:

  • Script
  • T-shirt
  • Production staff
  • A role in the show
  • Fundraisers
  • Transfers to and from airport
  • Supervision at rehearsal, performance and festival
  • all meals except travel days
  • Competition performance at JTF in Sacramento
  • An official festival T-shirt
  • Adjudication and feedback
  • Professional development workshops for directors
  • Performance workshops for students
  • Technical theater workshops for students and teachers
  • Dance Party
  • Celebrity talk-back with special guests
  • A Broadway-style show/concert
  • Show Script

Additional costs

Transportation & hotel (approximately $800 for a quad room)

  • Land only (no airfare or transfers from airport) price is $941.00 for a quad room, $1035 for a triple, $1162 for a double


Quad room: $191.00 Triple 255   Dbl 382

Total approx. cost:

  • Regular Theatre School student:Student $1541.00 (quad) 1605 (trp) 1732 (double)
  • JTF only student: $1841.00 (quad) $1905 (trip) 2032 (double)
  • Land only (no airfare or transfers from airport)call for pricing

Chaperone Expenses

JTF Fee $240.00

Airfare & transfer: $600 approximately

Quad room: $191.00-quad (Dbl 382.00)

Total Approximate cost:

  • $1031 per person (quad) $1105.00 (triple) -$1222.00 per person (double)
  • Land Price only -subtract $600