Seussical KIDS, June 3rd & 4th







This is going to be a fun project!  You will receive an email with the script and the music.

Jojo – Will Swenson
Cat 1- Emerson Poole
Cat 2- London Ostby
Cat 3- Freya Elias
Horton- Owen Adkins-Ponozzo
Mr. Mayor- Finn Morrison
Mrs. Mayor- Cate Hardan
Gertrude McFuzz- Ella Nasset
Mayzie LaBird- Hazel Bishop
Talk Show Host-Liberty Glatz

Jungle Citizens
Sour Kangaroo- Quincey Higgins
Young Kangaroo- Amelia Tucker
Wickersham Brother 1-Selah Roberts
Wickersham Brother 2-Leah Leonard u/s Mayzie Wickersham
Brother 3- Tesha Aydlett
Marshal-Cecelia O’Conner
Judge Yertle- Greydyn Gildroy
Vlad Vladikoff- Declan VanWyk
Jungle Citizen #1- Elliot Ganno U/S Mr & Mrs Mayor
Jungle Citizen #2-Rowan Humbert
Jungle Citizen #3-Glory Tietje
Jungle Citizen #4-Kennedy Cochenour u/s Gertrude
Jungle Citizen #5- Sloane Ostby

Leslie Carr
Ida Brown
Abby Zelenak
Evie Shire
Gracie Petersen – U/S JoJo
Adeline Andersen – U/S Wickersham Brothers

More understudies will be assigned later as needed.  Since we only have 2 performances – understudies will not be given a public performance

Stage Manager- Greydyn Gildroy

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Stage Manager
Greydyn Gildroy


Greydyn Gildroy* -head
Adeline Andersen
Leslie Carr
Leah Leonard
Cecelia O’Connor
London Ostby
Evie Shire
Declan Van Wyk


Kennedy Cochenour- * head
Owen Adkins Ponozzo
Tesha Aydlett
Hazel Bishop
Ida Brown
Cate Hardan
Gracie Petersen
Emerson Poole
Selah Roberts
Amelia Tucker


Freya Elias* – head
Rowan Humbert
Ella Nasset
Sloane Ostby
Abby Zelenak
Will Swenson
Elliot Ganno


Liberty Glatz*- head
Quincey Higgins
Glory Tietje