Totally Red by Dinah Toups

Grandstreet Theatre School's Production of Totally Red!

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Tickets: $8.00

This is a unique and fun retelling of the classic battle of wit and deception as told in the beloved fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. We meet Red (who is nobody’s fool) and the wolf (who tries to be cool) and granny—well, sometimes she’s left in the dark! These lively roles are great for teen and young adult actors. Totally RED! begins with a humorous version in storybook theatre style. The story continues with three to five minute retellings of sections within the tale, told in multiple styles: melodrama (The Perils of Being Miss Red); Elizabethan (Much Ado About Red); ’80s hip-hop slang (REDz in the Hood); and avant-garde (Call the Moment RED).


produced by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing, inc.